Community Habilitation

Women’s League’s community habilitation program is designed to assist individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities master new skills, maximize potential, and generally enjoy an enhanced quality of life. Trained direct support staffers work one-on-one with each challenged child and adult on life skills including self-care, communication, socialization, travel training, shopping, food preparation and more. This Community Habilitationallows an individual greater independence, productivity and integration within the community.

All habilitation goals are unique to each individual and are formulated collaboratively by the consumer, parent/advocate, service coordinator, and habilitation supervisor who trains the direct support staff in the most productive manner of carrying out the program. These goals are incorporated in the community habilitation plan which is reviewed and updated on a biannual basis to ensure that it reflects the wishes and expectations of the individual and his/her advocates.

Community HabilitationRecreational activities and other community resources, events and activities, previously inaccessible to these challenged individuals, are a particular highlight of this program. While participants enjoy time spent with staffers while engaged in these activities, progress is made on many valuable goals. Overall, this program is a primary force in assisting families to maintain their members with disabilities in the comfort and familiarity of their own home and community environments.

To discuss how this remarkable Community Habilitation program can have a major impact on the quality of life of your family member, please contact us directly. To refer an individual with challenges, please submit a completed application by clicking here.
Community Habilitation
Community Habilitation Contact
Ms. Hindy Roth, LMHC
Intake Coordinator
phone 718-853-0900 Ext. 243
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